How Do I Pay For It?

I'm interested in telehealth, but now what?  How do I pay for the Broadband access and equipment?  Will I get reimbursed and how?  How do I develop a business model and ensure sustainability of my program?  How do I demonstrate return on investment?   Here you will find a compilation of resources to assist you with these types of questions.

Grants and Other Funding Opportunities
Here you will find articles and information about grants and other funding sources, grantwriting, and fundraising.

Telehealth Reimbursement
Here you will find articles and information about public and private payor reimbursement for telehealth services. For more in-depth State specific information for MATRC region states, please visit the page for each State.

USAC Rural Health Care Program
The Universal Service Rural Health Care Program provides reduced rates for telecommunications services and Internet access to eligible health care providers. Utilization of this program has varied significantly from State to State and many States have not fully leveraged this program to assist with the cost of running telehealth applications.  Here you will find information about this program.

Return on Investment
Here you will find articles and information about developing a business case for telehealth, including information about potential cost savings generated through the use of telehealth.